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My Story

Seniors qualify for reverse mortgages

Jay Kaplan
Reverse Mortgage Professional
NMLS: 384565 BRE: 792630      
Loan Originator 


My Story
I have an extensive history of successfully bringing a start-up to a very high level of production, funding in 43 states with our own banking lines. This was for both retail and wholesale. Although I have this extensive experience, I still enjoy the one-on-one with clients and solving or managing situations. 
In all of those years, I have never been as passionate about a product as I am about the reverse mortgage. The H.E.C.M is still very much misunderstood and I am hoping that I can help be a part of what lifts the stigma from the product. In some ways, the newer, stricter rules and reduced loan amounts may help bring that about. The old "last-chance" flavor of the product now has the potential to change into the intelligence-based financial planning tool it was always meant to be. I am working to expand this into an exciting community outreach phenomenon for real branding and very long-lasting relationships.


HECM for Purchase